About Us

There’s not much to say about us except that Photography Is Art Gallery was established June 2002 in Mason, Texas. In September 2004 the gallery was relocated to Fredericksburg, Texas and incorporated.

Where to find us:

In a restored, turn of the century, limestone rock, Sunday House style structure. Photography Is Art Gallery is located at 414 E. Main Street, Fredericksburg, Texas, across the street from the Whistle Pik Art Gallery and one block east of the Nimitz Museum.

Our Mission:

Our goal is to exhibit contemporary photography, which explores traditional and alternative printing processes and photographers whose approach to the medium is uniquely creative as well as technically superb. We promote a diverse selection of photographers and subject matter. This is not only a place to see and purchase fine art photography; it is an educational resource providing regular lectures and workshops open to the public. Additionally, we provide darkroom and digital services to aspiring and professional artists.

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